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Jon Kent

Jon Kent is a Capitol Hill veteran who joined with Patrick O'Connor to launch the government affairs firm of Kent & O'Connor, Inc. in 1980. His specialty is lobbying - federal agencies, Congress, and international organizations, with particular expertise in areas of trade, customs commercial and security operations, intellectual property protection, health care and tax. Jon Kent attended Yale University, followed by Iowa Law School, where he entered politics by running a congressional campaign. Starting as a 25-year-old Chief of Staff to a Congressman, then acting as the top legislative aide to one of the House's most influential members, Kent worked for the House of Representatives for 7 years. Jon Kent is also an attorney, a First Gulf War veteran, a 2-Star equivalent with the Army Reserves, a husband, a father of four and now a grandfather.

Patrick C. O'Connor

Pat O'Connor is an experienced lobbyist before the Congress and state and federal regulatory agencies. Specializing in health, transportation and environment, almost all of the legislation in these areas passed in the last twenty years bears his imprint and that of K&O clients. After graduating from the University of Iowa, Pat O'Connor successfully managed a congressional campaign. He then worked on Capitol Hill - in both the House and Senate - before starting Kent & O'Connor. His views and those of his clients are invariably sought as an important preliminary step in the government process.

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